John Adams Poem

John Adams Poem – by Christopher Rudolph

John Adams Poem


Adams our 2nd President

Won the election of 1796

His party was Federalist

A great philosopher of politics

From Braintree Massachusetts

A lawyer he became

A graduate of Harvard

He gained a lot of fame

For opposing the Stamp Act

And supporting the Patriotic Cause

At the Continental Congress

He earned delegates’ applause

He signed the Declaration

That made our country free

America was Independent

From British tyranny

He was a US Ambassador

To both England and France

Elected Vice President twice

Not just by happenstance

In Presidential election

Thomas Jefferson lost

John Adams was victorious

As President he was boss

Yet “His Rotundity” unpopular

He gravely was attacked

For signing into law

The Alien and Sedition Acts

He lost election of 1800

Served but one term as President

Losing the right to Jefferson

To be the White House resident

He retired to his home

He called it Peace Field

Gardens and orchards

Flowers and apples yield

He saw son and daughter pass

And it surely made him cry

His greatest loss was Abigail Smith

His wife in 1818 died

But he saw John Quincy rise

The election of 1824 won

He became our Sixth President

Like father now was son

Jefferson was his adversary

But in old age became friends

Maintaining correspondence

Pens making amiable amends

But in 1826

Occurred an unlikely incidence

Both died on Independence Day

Quite an unusual coincidence

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