Labor Day Crossword Puzzle

Labor Day Crossword Puzzle

Labor Day Crossword Puzzle

This Labor Day Crossword Puzzle covers the following 16 terms:
wage – An amount of money paid to an employee at a specific rate per hour worked.
rights – Powers or privileges granted to people either by an agreement among themselves or by law.
minimum wage – Lowest legal wage that can be paid to most workers.
Industrial Revolution – A period of rapid growth in the use of machines in manufacturing and production that began in the mid-1700s.
strikes – Times when workers refuse to work until owners improve conditions and increase wages.
federal – Having or relating to a system of government in which several states form a unity but remain independent in internal affairs.
labor – Work.
regulations – Administrative rules that guide the operation of a government program.
private sector – The part of the national economy that is not under direct government control.
negotiate – To discuss something in an attempt to reach agreement.
economy – The system in a country that involves making, buying, and selling goods.
union – An organized association of workers formed to protect and further their rights and interests.
Grover Cleavland – This US President made Labor Day a national holiday.
National Holiday – On June 28, 1894, Labor Day became a _________
AFL-CIO – Largest labor union in USA.
assembly line – In a factory, an arrangement where a product is moved from worker to worker, with each person performing a single task in the making of the product.

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