Addition Worksheets

Addition Worksheets Printable

These addition worksheets are printable and downloadable. They cover circle drill, across downs, table drill, timed, basic, 2 digit, 3 digit, 4 digit, and adding US coins. Teachers, Parents, and Students can print these addition worksheets and make copies. Teachers should also check out Addition Lesson Plans.

by Christopher Rudolph

100 Basic Addition Drill Problems Worksheets

1 Minute Timed Addition Worksheets

Basic Addition Worksheets

Addition Word Problem Worksheets

Input Output Addition Worksheets

US Coin Addition Worksheets

Addition Box Puzzles Worksheets

Make Sum Worksheets

Circle Drill Addition Worksheets

Table Drill Addition Worksheets

Match Ups Addition Worksheets

Across Downs Addition Worksheets

Addition Worksheets 10-999

Negative Numbers Addition Worksheets

2 Digits Addition Worksheets

3 Digit Addition Worksheets

4 Digit Addition Worksheets

3 Addends Addition Worksheets

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Domino Addition Worksheets– 1st-2nd Grade 

Symmetry of Addition Table Worksheets – 1st-3rd Grade 

Study Jams Properties of Addition Worksheets – 1st-3rd Grade 

Tricky Addition Word Problems Worksheets – 2nd-3rd Grade

Study Jams Addition With Regrouping Worksheets – 2nd-4th Grade 

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