Christopher Rudolph

Christopher Rudolph is the owner, creator, and administrator of Rudolph Academy.

He has a Single Subject Credential in both Social Studies and English. (26 years experience)

BA Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA

MA Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City, NY

Christopher Rudolph won a Gold Medal Award from the World Poetry Movement in 2012.

“Christopher Rudolph’s “The Fearless 300,” appears in the book, Father and Son – Rite of Passage (pages 54-56), written by Neil Campbell.

Christopher Rudolph is also the author of “Battle of Gettysburg Epic Poem

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  1. Is the Mr. Adverb and Miss Adjective poem a free pintable? I try hard to respect the copyright laws and the work of other authors and I wanted to use the poem as a mentor text in teaching parts of speech to my students. Thanks.

    • Teachers, parents, and students can print out any worksheets and make copies. When making copies you must keep the URL on the worksheets. You can also link to my site no problem. Quizzes can not be embedded on other sites. If you have any other specific question just let me know.

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