Cells Crossword Puzzle

Cells Crossword Puzzle Printable and Free – 6th Grade

Cells Crossword Puzzle

6th Grade Science – Cells Crossword Puzzle covers the following terms:
Organelles – Tiny cell structures that carry out specific functions within the cell.
Cell Wall – Rigid layer of non-living material that surrounds, protects, and supports the cells of plants and other organisms.
Cell Membrane – Located just inside the cell wall or forms the outside boundary that separates the cell from its environment.
Nucleus – The cell’s control center, directing all of the cell’s activities.
Cytoplasm – The region between the cell membrane and the nucleus.
Mitochondria – Rod shaped organelles which are the “powerhouses” of the cell because they produce most of the energy the cell needs to carry out its functions.
Endoplasmic Reticulum – Passageways that carry proteins and other materials from one part of the cell to another.
Ribosomes – Small structures that function as factories to produce proteins.
Golgi Bodies – Receive proteins and other newly formed materials and distribute them to other parts of the cell.
Chloroplasts – Captures energy from sunlight and uses it to produce food for the cell.
Vacuoles – Storage area of a cell.
Lysosomes – Small, round structures in cells that break stuff down.
Prokaryote – A single celled organism that does not have a nucleus or membrane-bound organelles. DNA is in the cytoplasm.
Eukaryote – A multicellular organism made up of cells that contain their DNA in a nucleus.
DNA – Deoxyribonucleic acid. A genetic material that provides instructions for all cell processes.

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Cells Crossword Puzzle
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