Area of Triangle Rap

This Area of Triangle Rap teaches students to remember the formula for the area of a triangle.

Area of Triangle Rap Desk Boy Loves to learn about the Area of a Triangle!

© Rudolph


One half base times height.

Remember it with all your might.

One half base times height.

Remember it with all your might.

They built the pyramids

with one half base times height. 


A man in Egypt he was their hero.

Soon he found that he was Pharaoh.

Cruising up and down miles of the Nile

became real famous wrestling crocodiles.


He said “Triangles are cool,

let’s build a big tomb,

made out of granite without windows or lids

let’s call them pyramids. “


“Get me a math man and get me some rocks.

We need to know how to build this with blocks.

We need to know the area squared by feet.

It’ll be the biggest of the big and can’t be beat. “


Soon the pyramid was ready to roll.

Finally finished but the Pharaoh was old.

He said “It took fifty years to build this tomb of a bed

I better get comfy now before I’m dead.”


“Put my body in that booth.

I’m ready for the Hall of Truth.

Wrap me tight like a mummy.

I’m going to a land that’s sunny.

I say goodbye and I have one wish.

That soon I meet OSIRIS!”




by Christopher Rudolph

Area of a Triangle Rap Printable

Area of a Triangle Printable Worksheets

The Egyptians definitely needed to know the area of a triangle to build the pyramids. When figuring out the Lateral Area of a Pyramid when all the side faces are the same just multiply the perimeter by the “slant length” and  multiply by 1/2. This is because the side faces are always triangles and the triangle formula is 1/2  base x height.

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