Stanford-Binet Practice Questions

Stanford-Binet Practice Test Questions Free

Stanford-Binet Practice TestStanford-Binet test is a traditional intelligence assessment to assess your child’s IQ, or intelligence quotient. The test includes both verbal and nonverbal sections and skips around through different questions instead of grouping them all together by subtest type in order to best measure each child’s unique cognitive skills, strengths and weaknesses. While the SB5 is typically administered one-on-one by psychologists to children around the age of 4-5 (especially for children applying to a gifted and talented program or private school), kids as young as two may be tested. Composite FSIQ (Full Scale IQ) scores are determined from a composite of all 10 subtest type scores that have been normed against the national average. Get 100 Free Stanford-Binet Practice Test Questions for the Stanford-Binet Test.

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Stanford-Binet Practice Questions

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