Persuasive Essay Rap

This persuasive essay rap, Persuade Me, teaches students to write a persuasive essay using nestorian order. This is a five paragraph essay structure.

Persuade Me! A Nestorian Rap

© Rudolph 2009

It’s time to write a strong essay.

The opposition you will mince.

It’s time to say what you want to say.

It’s time for you to convince.

The readers that read what you write

need to end up thinking that you are right.

So, are you ready to put up a fight?

For the might of right.

Yes, the might of right.

Now, you know you’re right

Now, you know you’re bright.


In the first paragraph

Oh, what do we do?

Let’s introduce the topic

in an anecdotal way.

Tell a story that illustrates

what you want to say.

Say this and that happened to them

and this is not fair.

Make them feel so sorry for them

that they want to say a prayer.

At the end of the first paragraph

state your proposition

This is your thesis statement

that states your position

about whether you are for or against

or against or for

the issue you are addressing

and like a lion you must roar.



Persuade me!

Persuade me!

Persuade me!

Persuade me!


In the second paragraph

Oh, what do we do?

Now it’s time to write

about your reason that is second best

and remember to write

with a lot of zest.

This is a vigorous struggle.

It is a contest.

So, attest and protest.

This is more than just a request

Your readers must be impressed.




In the third paragraph

Oh, what do we do?

Now it’s time to admit

There are others that disagree

Explain what they’re thinking

But you don’t agree

refute the opposition

try to get them to see

that if you are right

then they can’t possibly be

seeing things straight

but you have the key

that unlocks the truth

they need to understand your plea.




In the fourth paragraph

Oh, what do we do?

Now it is time to write

about your reason that is the best.

Make your strongest argument

Make sure it is stressed

in the mind of the reader

until it can’t be second guessed




In the fifth paragraph

Oh, what do we do?

Now it is time to rap it up

And write your conclusion

Restate your position

Put an end to their delusion

Call them to action

So there is no more confusion

Tell them what they need to do

to set things straight

Now you’ve completed your task,

and there is no more debate.



by – Christopher Rudolph

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