Analogies Quizzes

Analogies Quizzes – Creative and Critical Thinking – Boost Brain Power

Analogies Quizzes

An analogy forms a relationship, but it’s kind of like a little puzzle. The key to solving an analogy is to identify the relationship of a given word pair (2 words being compared) and then find a pair of words that have that same relationship. The word pair that has the same relationship is the answer and also the key to solving that particular puzzle. These word pairs are analogous. Analogies can be taught and learned across the curriculum. They can be the higher analytic web that glues together the chaos of information. Analogies have the ability to order the schema of a student’s hierarchical thought structure. Therefore, student knowledge of analogies and continual practice, testing, and creation establishes a well-grounded thought process for not only critical thinking, but also for creativity. For the critical thinker, quickly being able to identify a wide range of relationships facilitates and expedites the transfer of knowledge and information. For the creator, a strong mental analogies’ department can become that springboard upon which thoughts make heuristic leaps. Thinking analogically requires students to: Process information, make connections (identify relationships), improve understanding, increase retention capacity. Analogies are powerful teaching tools and should be woven into all curriculums.

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