Static Electricity Crossword Puzzle

Static Electricity Crossword Puzzles Printable and Free – 3rd Grade

Static Electricity Crossword Puzzle

Grade 3 Science – These Static Electricity Crossword Puzzles cover the following 11 terms: atom, matter, electron, proton, neutron, electricity, static electricity, like charges, unlike charges, attract, repel. Four different crosswords covering the same terms allows for re-teaching and re-learning throughout the school year. Students, parents, and teachers can print and make copies.

Static Electricity Study Sheet
Static Electricity Crossword 1    Static Electricity Crossword 1 Answers
Static Electricity Crossword 2    Static Electricity Crossword 2 Answers
Static Electricity Crossword 3    Static Electricity Crossword 3 Answers
Static Electricity Crossword 4    Static Electricity Crossword 4 Answers

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