Newton’s Third Law Crossword Puzzle

Newton’s Third Law Crossword Puzzle Printable and Free – 8th Grade

Newton's Third Law Crossword Puzzle

Newton’s Third Law Crossword Puzzle covers the following terms:
collide – To strike or hit something with any amount of force.
force – A push or pull that can change the motion of an object.
interacting object – Objects that affect one another.
motion – The change in an object’s position with respect to time and in comparison to the position of other objects used as reference points.
Newton – Unit of measurement for force.
Newton’s Third Law – States that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Spring Scale – A tool that measures a pulling force by the tension on a spring; the force is measured in Newtons.
mass – The amount of matter in an object.
weight – Pull of gravity on an object.
action force – It is equal in strength and opposite in direction to the reaction force, and acts simultaneously on whatever is exerting the reaction force.
agent – The source a force.
object – The thing upon which forces act.
gravity – An attractive force that exists between all objects that have mass.

Newton’s Third Law Study Sheet
Newton’s Third Law Crossword Puzzle
Newton’s Third Law Crossword Puzzle Answers

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