President Andrew Johnson Crossword Puzzle

President Andrew Johnson Crossword Puzzle

President Andrew Johnson Crossword Puzzle President Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson, the seventeenth President of the United States, rose to power in the wake of one of the nation’s most tumultuous periods, the aftermath of the Civil War. Born on December 29, 1808, in Raleigh, North Carolina, Johnson’s early life was marked by poverty and hardship. With no formal education, he apprenticed as a tailor, eventually establishing himself in Greeneville, Tennessee, where he entered local politics.

Johnson’s political career gained momentum as he served in various elected positions, including alderman, mayor, state legislator, congressman, governor, and senator. A staunch advocate for the common man, Johnson championed the cause of poor white southerners, earning him the nickname “The Tailor of Tennessee.”

As a senator during the Civil War, Johnson became the only southern senator to remain loyal to the Union, a decision that led to his selection as Abraham Lincoln’s running mate in the 1864 presidential election. Following Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, Johnson assumed the presidency, thrust into the monumental task of leading a fractured nation through Reconstruction.

Johnson’s presidency was marked by his clashes with the Radical Republicans in Congress, who sought a more punitive approach to Reconstruction. Johnson favored a lenient policy towards the southern states, allowing them to rejoin the Union with few conditions. However, his actions led to tensions with Congress, culminating in his impeachment in 1868. He narrowly escaped removal from office by one vote in the Senate, becoming the first president to undergo impeachment proceedings.

Despite the challenges of his presidency, Johnson achieved several notable accomplishments. He oversaw the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery, and played a significant role in shaping the early stages of Reconstruction. Additionally, Johnson worked to expand voting rights for African Americans in the South, although his efforts were largely thwarted by the implementation of discriminatory state laws.

After leaving office in 1869, Johnson returned to Tennessee, where he remained active in politics until his death on July 31, 1875. Though his presidency was marred by controversy, Andrew Johnson’s legacy as a champion of the Union and a defender of individual rights endures, highlighting the complexities of his contributions to American history.

This President Andrew Johnson Crossword Puzzle covers 18 term focused on Andrew Johnson’s life and accomplishments. Teachers, students, and parents can print out and make copies.

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President Andrew Johnson Crosswords
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