US History Word Searches

US History Word Searches Printable and Free

US History Word Searches

These US History Word Searches are printable. Teachers, students, and parents can print and make copies. Find Word Searches on Exploration, Colonies, Revolution, Constitution, Jefferson, Jackson, Manifest Destiny, Civil War, Reconstruction, Progressive Era, World War I, and more.

First Americans Word Search                        First Americans Word Search Answers     Online Quiz
Spain Claims Empire Word Search         Spain Claims Empire Word Search Answers   Online Quiz
European Exploration Word Search              European Exploration Word Search Answers
First Colonies Word Search                           First Colonies Word Search Answers       Online Quiz
13 English Colonies Word Search                 13 English Colonies Word Search Answers
Colonies Develop Word Search                    Colonies Develop Word Search Answers
American Identity Forms Word Search          American Identity Forms Word Search Answers
Road To Revolution Word Search                  Road to Revolution Word Search Answers
Revolutionary War Word Search              Revolutionary War Word Search Answers     Online Quiz
Confederation/Constitution Word Search       Confederation/Constitution Word Search Answers
Creating Constitution Word Search        Creating Constitution Word Search Answers    Online Quiz
New Republic Word Search                            New Republic Word Search Answers
Era of Jefferson Word Search                            Era of Jefferson Word Search Answers
National/Regional Growth Word Search          National/Regional Growth Word Search Answers
Age of Jackson Word Search                           Age of Jackson Word Search Answers
Manifest Destiny Word Search                        Manifest Destiny Word Search Answers
New Changes 1820-1860 Word Search          New Changes 1820-1860 Word Search Answers
Nation Breaking Apart Word Search                Nation Breaking Apart Word Search Answers
Civil War Word Search                                     Civil War Word Search Answers
Reconstruction Word Search                            Reconstruction Word Search Answers
Western Growth 1860-1900 Word Search        Western Growth 1860-1900 Word Search Answers
Progressive Era Word Search                           Progressive Era Word Search Answers
US Becomes World Power 1880-1917              US Becomes World Power 1880-1917 Answers
World War I Word Search                                  World War I Word Search Answers

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