Animal Adjective Alliteration

Animal Adjective Alliteration

Animal Adjective Alliteration by Christopher Rudolph ©

Animal Adjective Alliteration is an alliteration poem that is useful when teaching about alliteration. This language arts poem is also rich in vocabulary. Many of the words are hyperlinked to

Repetition of consonant sounds = alliteration

Repetition of vowel sounds = assonance



At the Zany Zoo I saw 

An ambitiousaspiring,  animated alligator 

barbarousbrawnybizarre boar 

cheerfulchunkychubby cheetah 

dizzydashingdazzling duck

An energeticentertainingelated elephant 

funnyfabulousflashy fox 

gregariousgabbygiddy gorilla 

hugehulkinghealthy horse 

An ickyidioticignorant iguana 

jazzyjollyjoyous jaguar

keenkindhearted kangaroo 

largelivelylethal lion

miniaturemachomagical monkey

nastynauseatingnoxious numbat 

An oldoddorange ostrich 

petitepuffypurple peacock 

quickquixoticquizzical quail 



talltestytough tiger 

viciousvoraciousvulgar vulture 

watchfulwarywarlike wolf 

youngyellow yak 

And a zanyzippyzealous zebra
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