Language Arts Poems

Language Arts Poems and Songs

These Language Arts poems, songs, limericks, tongue twisters, and chants are written by Christopher Rudolph who was awarded a Gold Medal from the World Poetry Movement in 2012. Find Language Arts Poems that focus on alliteration, figurative speech, parts of speech, grammar and test taking. Most of these poems come with a downloadable printable. Feel free to print them out and make copies for students, teachers, and parents.

Animal Adjective Alliteration
Just Talking Figuratively
Mr. Adverb vs Mrs. Adjective
Persuasive Essay Rap – Persuade Me
Test Taking Strategy Song
Present Participle Verb Song
8 Parts of Speech Voyage
Parts of Speech Song
Proper Nouns Limerick – Mr. Popper Is Proper
Adverb Poem
Who vs Whom Poem
Verb To Be Rap
The Adjective Blues
Adjective Wind Haiku
Synonym Antonym and Attribute Blues
Adverb Limerick – Thoughts About Thinking Abruptly
Tongue Twisters
ESL Poems Chants Limericks and Songs
Poetry Terms Crossword Puzzle
Language Arts Crossword Puzzles
Rudolph Academy Short Stories

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