Tell Tale Heart Crossword Puzzle

Tell Tale Heart Crossword Puzzle Free and Printable

Tell Tale Heart Crossword Puzzle

“The Tell-Tale Heart” is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, published in 1843. It is a classic example of Gothic literature and psychological horror. The story is narrated by an unnamed protagonist who insists on their sanity while describing their obsession with an old man’s vulture-like eye and their eventual decision to murder him.

The narrator’s obsession with the eye leads them to plan and execute the murder while attempting to convince the reader of their sanity. After killing the old man, the narrator dismembers the body and hides it beneath the floorboards. However, as the story unfolds, the narrator becomes increasingly agitated and paranoid, believing they can hear the old man’s heart beating from beneath the floor.

The story’s tension escalates as the narrator’s guilt and paranoia intensify, ultimately leading to their confession of the murder due to the overwhelming sound of the supposed beating heart, which is likely a manifestation of their guilty conscience. The story ends with the narrator revealing their crime to the authorities, believing they can still hear the heart’s relentless thumping.

In “The Tell-Tale Heart,” Edgar Allan Poe explores themes of guilt, paranoia, and the deteriorating mental state of the narrator, making it a classic tale of psychological horror and the consequences of a disturbed mind.

Tell Tale Heart Crossword Puzzle covers key vocabulary, key literary devices, as well as key plot words. Teachers, parents, and students can print and make copies.

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The Tell-Tale Heart Crossword
The Tell-Tale Heart Crossword Answers

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