PEMDAS Rap Desk Boy Loves using PEMDAS!

A cool way to get students to remember the Rules of PEMDAS.

by Christopher Rudolph


© Rudolph 2015

Give me a P– P!     Give me a E-E!

Give me a M-M!      Give me a D-D!

Give me a A-A!     Give me a S-S!

What’s that spell? PEMDAS!

If you don’t know

It will be your loss

So, you better learn

The rules of PEMDAS

First look at the Parenthesis

And solve what’s there

Then scan the equation

Exponents beware!

If you see them, solve them

Now you know you’re bright

Do Multiplication Division

Left to right

Keep going and going with all your might

Do Addition Subtraction

Left to right

Now you know the Order

You’re the Operation Master

Keep solving Equations

Faster and faster


PEMDAS Rap Song – Students, parents, and teachers have permission to print out and make copies for educational purposes.

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