Presidents Song

Presidents Song to Learn Order of the Presidents

Desk Boy Loves Singing Songs about Presidents!

This Presidents Song helps students memorize the order of the US Presidents.

© Rudolph 2009 and 2022


Washington, Adams, Jefferson,
Madison, Monroe,
Adams, Jackson, Van Buren,
And then came some more 
Harrison, Tyler, Polk
Taylor, Fillmore,
Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln,
And then came some more 
Johnson, Grant, Hayes,
Garfield, Arthur,
Cleveland, Harrison, Cleveland
To these men I refer. 
McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft
Wilson, Harding,
Coolidge, Hoover, Roosevelt,
And then came Truman 
Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson,
Nixon, and Ford
Carter, Reagan, Bush
They’re almost all on board. /
Clinton, Bush, Obama,
Trump couldn’t win again
Lost the election fair and square
Now we got Biden


                   By – Christopher Rudolph

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