Multiplication Alliteration Word Problems

These Multiplication Alliteration Word Problems help students test multiplication skills. Listen to the audio of each alliteration word problem and take an online Multiplication Alliteration Word Problems audio quiz.

by Christopher Rudolph

© Rudolph 2013

Alliteration = The repetition of consonant sounds.



1) Four crazy clowns each ate three purple peas.

How many purple peas did the four crazy clowns eat? 



2) Five hairy hogs each ate seven sacks of seeds.

How many sacks of seeds did the five hairy hogs eat?



3) Two tall trees each shed eight lucky leaves.

How many lucky leaves did the eight tall trees shed?



4) Six silly sailors each drank six sloppy sodas.

How many sloppy sodas did the six silly sailors drink?



5) Nine nimble nymphs each caught five fire flies.

How many fire flies did the nine nimble nymphs catch?                                       


6) Four squirmy squirrels each ate nine natural nuts.

How many natural nuts did the four squirmy squirrels eat?



7) Seven sinister sisters each sold eight worthless wigs.

How many worthless wigs did the seven sinister sisters sell?



8) Eight elated elephants each ate nine twisted trees.

How many twisted trees did the eight elated elephants eat?



9) Two giddy goats each ate seven green globs.

How many green globs did the two giddy goats eat?



10) Three funny frogs each ate five flying flies.

How many flying flies did the three funny frogs eat?


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