Holes Crossword Puzzle

Holes Crossword Puzzle Free and Printable

Holes Crossword Puzzle

“Holes” is a young adult novel written by Louis Sachar, published in 1998. The story revolves around the character of Stanley Yelnats, a teenager who is wrongfully accused of stealing a pair of sneakers and is sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention center in the middle of the desert.

The novel alternates between two storylines. The first storyline follows Stanley’s experiences at Camp Green Lake, where the warden forces the boys to dig holes in the dry lakebed every day, supposedly to build character. Stanley soon realizes that there may be a hidden purpose to these holes, and he begins to uncover the camp’s dark secrets.

The second storyline explores the history of Stanley’s family, particularly the curse that has plagued them for generations. Stanley’s great-great-grandfather made a promise to a fortune teller, and the curse seems to have followed the Yelnats family ever since.

As the two storylines converge, Stanley and his friend Zero, a fellow inmate at the camp, embark on a journey to break the curse and unearth the truth behind Camp Green Lake’s mysterious activities. Along the way, they discover buried treasure and confront the warden’s greed and cruelty.

“Holes” is a story of friendship, justice, and the interconnectedness of past and present events. It explores themes of fate, redemption, and the idea that digging deep, both literally and metaphorically, can lead to unexpected discoveries and personal growth.

Holes Crossword Puzzle focuses on the characters and setting in the book Holes by Louis Sachar. This Holes Crossword is for students in grades 5-12. Teachers, parents, and students can print it out and make copies.

Holes Printable Crossword
Holes Printable Crossword Solution

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