George Washington Poem

George Washington Poem by Christopher Rudolph


Washington became 1st President

In 1789

True Father of our Country

No other can outshine

From Westmorland County

In the great Virginia state

Not far from Alexandria

At his Mount Vernon estate

He loved to go fox hunting

Dancing was a ball

As a leader he was natural

Always answering duties’ call

During the American Revolution

Commanded the Army Continental

United States victorious

His leadership essential

Over the Convention in Philadelphia

Washington presided

A new Constitution for our country

In 1787 was decided

Unanimously elected President

Many precedents he made

Charisma, charm, and courage

Always on display

Washington lived to 67

Dying in 1799

Henry Lee, a dear friend

Stated this famous line

He was “First in peace”

“First in War” time and again

And always “First in the hearts

of his countrymen”

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