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Grammarly instant grammar checker is an automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach. Correct up to 10 times more mistakes than popular word processors.

As a Teacher and an Affiliate of Grammarly Inc. I want to get the word out about how amazing this proofreading and plagiarism detection system really is. I was able to download and integrate it into Microsoft Word seamlessly. If you don’t use Word, you can just login to Grammarly online and then use it there. Grammarly can carry out more than 250 grammar checks. It will instantly provide a list of possible errors for correction. Grammatical mistakes that go unnoticed by popular word processors and other grammar checker programs are caught by Grammarly. Using this automated online proofreader is like having your own personal grammar coach. With this online proofreader, you can even choose the genre of writing you are doing. Grammarly will adapt to your unique writing style. This system can even give you better word choice suggestions making you a more powerful writer. The adaptive spell checker makes sure you are not making contextual mistakes as well as just regular spelling errors. Finally, plagiarism detection helps keep students out of trouble, and gives teachers a powerful tool to check for it.

Christopher Rudolph

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