Adding Cookies Rhyme Time

Adding Cookies Rhyme Time

Adding Cookies Rhyme Time Desk Boy Loves Adding Cookies!

Adding Cookies Rhyme Time poem has students (ages 3-5) adding all the cookies that are eaten in the poem. Add them all up and then click on the answer file to see if you are correct.

© Rudolph 2011

I ate one cookie, but I wanted more.
So, I reached in the bag and pulled out four.
I chomped and chewed them down into my tummy.
You want to know something funny?
I still wanted more, and after all they were free
so, I reached in the bag, and I pulled out three.

Now one moment those cookies were here,
but I did a magic mouth trick and made them disappear.
Soon, I was really thirsty, and I drank some milk from a cow that went moo,
and I wanted some more cookies with my milk so out of the bag came two.
After eating them I was so full I was ready to pop.
So, it made real sense for me to just stop.
Now I’m curious and I just can’t wait
until you tell me how many cookies in total I ate.

by Christopher Rudolph

Open the answer document to see if you got the right answer!

Adding Cookies Rhyme Time Answer

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