Parts of Speech Song

This Parts of Speech Song teaches about the 8 parts of speech including pronouns, adverbs, prepostions, adjectives, nouns, verbs, interjections, and conjunctions. Teachers should also check out Parts of Speech Lesson Plans.

© Rudolph 2010 

Oh, verb, verb. I’m just a verb.

I like movements and enjoy the state of being.

I tell you about actions, and states about the subject

I love to sing and dance.

Oh, I’m a doing word.


Oh, noun, noun. I’m just a noun.

I refer to people, places, and many other things.

Like animals, conditions, and abstract ideas.

I love to be the subject

then it’s all about me.


Oh, a preposition. I’m a preposition.

I join nouns to other parts of the sentence

Introducing a phrase that has an object

I love to give directions

in both time and space.


Oh, a conjunction. I’m just a conjunction.

They say I play an important function

Connecting words, phrases, and clauses

I love to be coordinating

or subordinating.


Oh, an adverb. I’m a bossy adverb.

I indicate time, place, manner, or degree

I modify a verb, adjective, or adverb

I love to tell you how, when, where

to do most everything.


Oh, an adjective. I’m an adjective.

I modify, describing nouns or pronouns

I paint a vivid picture in your mind

I love to be comparative

or superlative. 


Oh, a pronoun. I’m a pronoun.

Personal, demonstrative, interrogative

Indefinite, reflexive, and relative

I love to get possessive

because I’m so intensive.


Oh, an interjection. I’m an interjection.

I like to get emotional and draw attention

I like to emphasize, proclaim, and announce

So Yeah, Gosh Darn, By Golly

And Hurray! 


Oh, the parts of speech

We’re the parts of speech.

We help you put it all together

To communicate your thoughts

so you’ll be understood. 

                                                          By – Christopher Rudolph           

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