Mr Adverb vs Mrs Adjective Poem

Mr Adverb vs Mrs Adjective Poem is a didactive poem to help teach about adverbs and adjectives. The underlined words are adverbs and the bold words are adjectives.

Mr. Adverb and Miss Adjective

were having a major feud.

She said telling people how and when

to do everything is rude.

Mr. Adverb totally disagreed.

If she didn’t work so slowly,

then there would not be such a need

to tell her to work more quickly.

“Oh, why don’t you just pay heed.”

Miss Adjective was furious.

She was just plain raving mad.

“You are a horriblecrazybossy man.

Why do you have to be so bad?”

Mr. Adverb didn’t understand.

Work more carefullycautiously, and correctly.

Everything seemed so unplanned.

Arrive promptlypunctuallyfrequently,

or, “You might have to be canned.”

Miss Adjective was agitated, and wanted to be free.

To be bossed around was unacceptable,

so she issued a stern decree.

“Stop bothering me at work Mr. Adverb

or I certainly will flee.”

Mr. Adverb didn’t believe her threat.

He thought she was going mental.

She needs to think more clearly,

and stop being so descriptively judgemental.

Miss Adjective became anxiousannoyed, and angry

at this awful and wicked man.

It was way past the time

to execute her daring plan.

Quicklydecisively, and bravely

she ran defiantly out the workplace door.

That domineeringdemonic dictator

will boss her cruelly no more.

by – Christopher Rudolph ©

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